Afghan-Pakistan-Turkish leaders discussed security, peace process

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ANKARA: Hamid Karzai President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mia Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister of Pakistan and Abdullah Gul President of Turkey in their 8th tri-partite summit in Ankara discussed security, peace and stability in the region and further expansion of economic cooperation among Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.
The talks hosted by Turkish President in Ankara, capital of Turkey, the security and intelligence authorities of the three countries, and leadership of the High Peace Council were also present. The sides once again renewed their commitments not to allow the hideouts, training and financing of the terrorists and destructive elements and anti-government activities.
They stressed that peace and stability in Afghanistan is important for the region and Pakistan and Turkey are attaching important top united and stable Afghanistan.
During this summit, the leaders of the three countries also agreed on creation of a sound atmosphere for holding of presidential and provincial councils’ election s and on taking of bold steps with respect to supporting the process of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.
President Hamid Karzai thanked the brother Turkish government for organizing the eighth summit of leaders of the three countries and added that Afghanistan is committed for continuation of the tri-partite summit and the future president of Afghanistan will also follow up this process.
According to another report President Karzai returned home after participation at the eighth tri-partite summit with leaders of Pakistan and Turkey in Ankara.
The Kabul Times


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