35th Revolution anniversary of Iran marked in Kabul

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KABUL: Second-Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili attended a reception marking the 35th Anniversary of Islamic revolution of Iran hosted by Iranian embassy in Kabul on the anniversary of Iranian Islamic Revolution.
Khaili in a speech, considering the common religious, historical and cultural bonds existing between Afghanistan and Iran congratulated the Iranian Government and people on the Islamic Revolution and added that Afghanistan wishes friendly and fraternal ties with Iran.
He noted that the people and government of Afghanistan share the progress made by the Iranian government and people in recent years and we are for friendly and peaceful relations with our neighbors.
He appreciated the assistance of the Iranian government and people with the people and government of Afghanistan in recent years and voiced satisfaction over the recent agreement reached between Iran and the Group of 5+1 with respect to the atomic energy.
Touching on the presence of thousands of Afghan refugees in Iran Khalili thanked the Iranian government for preparing education facilities for the Afghan refugees and noted that Afghanistan intends to hold just and transparent election without foreign interventions in Afghanistan and with holding of a just and transparent election all the presidential candidates will be the winner.
He also thanked Iran for provision of assistance to the government and people of Afghanistan. Iranian ambassador also spoke at the reception and while welcoming the guests to the reception touched on existing friendly and brotherly ties between Iran and Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times


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