President Karzai chairs activities’ review committee meeting

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KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai chaired the meeting at the presidential palace that assessed the activities of the review committee for determining the destiny of the Bagram inmates and immediate addressing of the files of Bagram prisoners and discussed pertaining to the status of Bagram prison.
The meeting as a result of the assessment of the review committee activities concluded that the committee has achieved its tasks with the spirit of patriotism and independent manners and has defended the rights of the citizens.
The meeting considering that now foreign forces do not have the right to carry on operations, and arrest of Afghans and maintaining of prisons in Afghanistan, has declared all the temporary attachments of the prison as nullified and hereafter the Bagram prison like other prisons will be administered by the interior ministry of Afghanistan.And, the files of the prisoners too will be addressed by the country’s judicial organs. It should be noted that files remaining with the review committee will be addressed by the committee and the review committee will pass its decisions on their files. The session was also attended by the Chief Justice and chairman of the Supreme Court, ministers of justice and interior affairs, the attorney general, national security advisor, deputy minister of defense, Qazi Abdul Karim chairman of the review committee for assessment of Bagram inmates, Abdul Shukor Dadras member of the review committee and General Ghulam Farouq Barekzai commander of military police and Bagram prison. The Kabul Times


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