Germany to continue cooperation with Afghanistan

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KABUL: President Hamid Karzai met with German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Stein Mayer at the presidential palace yesterday.
At this meeting held at the presidential palace bilateral relations between the two countries in different spheres were discussed by them.
President Karzai called Germany an ancient friend of Afghanistan and thanked him for Germany’s assistance to Afghanistan.
The German Foreign Minister once again voiced his government’s commitments towards reconstruction of Afghanistan and welcomed preparations for holding of upcoming presidential elections of Afghanistan.
He also expressed German government’s willingness for earlier signing of the security pact between the US and Afghanistan and added that this document assists continuation of the noncombat mission of international forces in Afghanistan. President Karzai once again emphasized on the permanent stance of Afghanistan with respect to signing of the security and defensive pact between Afghanistan and the US adding that t practical start of peace process and safety of the Afghans’ homes .are the preconditions set for signing of the security pact. At this meeting the German Foreign Minister while calling cooperation between the two nations very important added that Germany is prepared for cooperation towards the peace process of Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times


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